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Our Forever Embrace

This is H.K. Derby's first published collection.
It is a book of love poems to his wife Carol.
The power of these poems lie in their innate simplicity,
which underlies a far more complex emotional (and physical) bond.
Reproduced here are a few selected poems from this elegant and important work.

On waking to find you by my side:
Can we be honest with each other?
Truth lives in the fire of your touch.
Hope fills the echoes of your breath.
Can we remain within each other?
Proximity breeds the ache of your lust.
Desire leaps the width of your distance.
Pomeroy’s water honors our quiet love
With its own stillness.

Love keeps few secrets:
This morning,
In the final moments before dawn,
I left the cabin and walked.
My feet pressed against wet leaves.
The still lake led me through the dark
To its water.
I swam, naked.
As I walked back the sun was rising.
I returned to our bed, still damp.
You didn’t stir, although your breath quickened.
I lay awake for an hour.
Then rose.
And started my day with you.

We are alone together:
Oh awesome touch,
Releasing my masculine potential.
Carol, your intentions dance
With my desires.
I obey you.
Beauty, elegance.
If our cabin burned down
From your wanting stare,
I would return it.
I would return it.

What the lake has not seen:
I have fallen for you, Carol
I cannot be blamed
Your breath
Your heart
Our melded passion
I will pray to no false idle

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