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H.K. Derby: The Lost Poems,

This is a collection of poems that H.K. Derby has only recently made public.
They were written in the three years after the death of his wife and mother, and before his trip to the Congo.
These poems find Derby dealing with his grief head on.
Reproduced here are a few selected poems from this chilling and dark collection.

the poem turns:
when does the poem turn?
from a leaf to a page to child's ribcage
from an autumn dance
back to july's crimes of passion
when does it clasp, and then
let go?

craving your words
define for me justice
go ahead
use your well-picked words
toss them my way like apples
we were going to buy an orchard
but plans are liquid
life is liquid
under the hot sun - cold sun!
of death
all evaporates
all is just

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