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Bathing in the Sea

This is H.K. Derby's fourth and final published collection.
Its poems were written during Derby's old age while he was back living in Northern Michigan. It was published in 1990.
These are the poems of a man looking back on his life, still dealing with loss, but completely in touch with nature.
Reproduced here are a few selected poems from this reflective and deeply visual collection.

Paper Bag:
Over the sea of Cassis
There floats
On the wind
A paper bag
Dying, it drowns.

Before Dawn:
Before dawn,
I walk to the shadowy beach,
And let the ocean lap my feet.
Slowly, gently, slowly, I slide in.
The water
Runs the rivulets
Of my cracked and wrinkled skin
As I bathe in the sea.
Soon it will be morning.

Remembering You Underneath A Tree:
As I sit
Beneath the willow,
Eternity is passing.
The tree sees fit to weep;
I chuckle
And think of you.

Lines in the Sand:
Two lines of footsteps in the sand;
They diverge and intersect.
They were weaving lovers,
Or children at play,
Or they were two single walkers,
One behind the other,
Eyes cast too high
To see the prints
And realize
They were not
I prefer to think
That they are lovers, or at play.

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