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1922: H.K. Derby is born in Watersmeet, Michigan

1934: Wins Watersmeet Junior Poet’s Award

1941: Marries Carol Shilling; they move to Pomeroy Lake

1941-1943: Works underneath father, who manages a manufacturing plant

1944: Decides to write poetry full-time, begins “early” phase

1949: Publishes "Our Forever Embrace"

1951: Publishes "Sing!"

1952: Wins several awards, including the Haines-Cardroy Award for Poetry, for “Sing!”

1963: Derby's mother, Sarah Westfall Derby, dies in July

1963: Carol Shilling Derby dies in September

1963-1965: Writes “lost” poems

1965: Derby moves to the Congo, begins "late" phase

1968: Returns to America and publishes "Whisper"

1970-1984: Travels throughout Europe, India

1981: Derby’s father, Gerald Derby, dies

1990: Publishes "Bathing in the Sea"

1996: "H.K. Derby: The Lost Poems, 1963-1965" is published